Best Cardio Weight Loss

Cardio, Cardio, and more Cardio !

What Is the best cardio weight loss. In my opinion, The best cardio weight loss Is jogging. I have tried all kinds of cardio exercises, but  nothing tops jogging! For  consistent Weight reduction, nothing comes close. Cardio done right, consistently, over an extended  period of time , really  burns fat, and speeds the metabolism!!! Besides boxing, I ran cross-country In high school. Cross country, Is a 2 1/2 mile run. We jogged 7 miles every day for practice. Most of my life, I took my fitness for granted. I was used to having women approach me.

My Experience With Exercises

My boxing career started at the age of 11. By the time I was nearing my 17th birthday, I was In superb shape. After a near death experience, doctors put me on medication. I became depressed and put on a lot of weight. Several times I went off my medication, and I lost the excess weight. Afterwards I would be put back on the same meds, you guessed right, the weight always came back on. During this time, I’ve done It all , swimming, walking long distances, using rowing machines, and riding stationary bikes. You name a cardio exercise, and I’ve probable done It !!!

Why Jogging Is The Best Choice!!Jogging Is moving your whole body, by using your legs to move you, faster than a walking pace. Jogging naturally speeds up your metabolism

Added Benefits

Jogging Increases endorphines, which give you that natural high, doing this on a regular basis can ward off depression. Jogging speeds your metabolism, temporarly, and over the long run. A major key for weight loss. And most Importantly, jogging burns fat. It Is a proven fact that the vast majority of people that jog for any significent period of time consistently, are lean. When you are lean , you tend to look younger, than when you are fat.And besides all these points. When you are In shape, you tend to feel better, and you tend to have much more confidence, than when you are fat!!!


This Is truly a no brainer, Jogging, In my Opinion, Is the Best Cardio Weight Loss In Existence.I have never  Found anything that comes close!!!

Weight Loss Mindset -Using Your Mind To Increase Your Chances!

Having A Powerful Mind Set                                                   

 Many people look at losing weight with dread, this need not be so. Losing weight can actually be fun!!!

Having a weight loss mindset, Is just about being positive. It’s about making up your mind, that this Is what I want to do.

Your mind Is so powerful, that once your mind Is set, there Is no stopping you.                                                              

  First Find Your Why

First you must figure out why you want to lose weight. It can be for health reasons, or to look good. 

It can be to just feel good. It can be to look sexy, and attract attention. The list goes on.

Once you have the reason, It’s a Go!.

Methods Of Weight Loss

Many people just diet, But for me , the most effective weight loss method Is diet, and exercise.

Cardio, 5 days a week of at least 30 minutes, plus a little weight training works fine.

you may have to build up to 30 minutes of cardio though.

Consistency Is The Key

One of the biggest enemies of having a solid weight loss mind set, Is people losing motivation. 

Also a lack of consistency. To fight this you should have various methods of motivation. 

Music, Inspirational Pictures of people whose physics you admire. Meditation! the list goes on.

When you are consistent, things begin to happen. Many trainers say, It takes 6 weeks to begin to get In shape..

What To Do If You Binge

If you happen to binge. a day or two, don’t beat your self up like a lot of people do . Have the mindset of Rocky,

dust yourself off and get back to work.


Weight Loss Mind Set Is all about How bad do you want It. It’s about having the mind Of a Champion. 

You can do It!!!

My Life, Battle Of The Bulge

My    Story

I was raised In a medium sized sports oriented town. I boxed, and ran track a lot In high school. At the age of 19, an event happened that changed my life. A man attempted to take my life, over a woman that I had no Interest In.I had a nervous break down.The medication the doctor gave me made me gain a lot of weight. Over the years my weight fluctuated quite a bit.

Why I Want To Help People                                                                                                                                                              I have the experience of losing large amounts of weight, several times In my life. So, not only do i know how to lose weight, but I know all the frustration and pain a person goes through trying to lose the weight!!!


The Goal Of My Site Is to Share Ideas, Products, and Support for those trying to lose, and keep off weight.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to  leave a message

below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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