Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Welcome to the wonderful world of Weight Loss Motivation Tips.where the sky Is truly the limit

Why Motivation

Nothing worth while gets done, with out some form of motivation. When looking to lose weight, you need plenty.Many men, who are single, use attraction to the opposite sex , as motivation. Having a nice body, can count for much, when one wants to attract a beautiful woman!!! The Great Arnold Swarzzennegger, Has been quoted as saying , everything begins and ends with the mind. Hence motivation begins and ends with the mind!!!Technique’s such as visualization utilizing all five natural senses, Is definitely a powerful technique.Bodybuilders use this technique all the time when creating that ultimate body.                                                                                                                                                                                         

The Journey

Back In the late nineties, I had put on alot of weight. I went from one hundred and forty pounds, to two hundred and forty nine pounds!!! My boxing buddy, Avaleo Slate would always remind me of my boxing skills, that i was a champion, and he reminded me of the fine ladies who used to approach me. There was one female In particular, he would always mention. Her name was Tammy. And so With music playing In a Cassette player, I started the long run back to fitness.So music can be one of the most powerful Weight Loss Motivational tips to use. The Rocky Movie Series always played motivational work out music.Every morning , I would get up at six o five am, and jogg three miles.Six days a week, and every month I lost between ten, and twelve pounds.I jogged real slow, at first, but eventually, my weight was low, and I got in super shape!!!

As I Look back

As I look back, on the past, as I look at my motivation and training, I see the importance of motivation In weight loss. It carried me through some tough times!!!.


Boxing, beautiful woman, and just having, or convincing one self, that you have the heart of a champion. Is In line with having motivation. use what ever you can ,that works for you In your weight loss quest. Good Luck!!!!

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